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Butterfinger Bar
Hot -20 %
Brand: Nestle
Butterfingers are crunchy, peanut butter candy bars covered in Nestle' milk chocolate...
£1.00 £1.25
Hersheys Cookies & Cream White Chocolate Bar
Hot -20 %
Brand: Hersheys
A delicious American Hershey's white chocolate bar combined with delicious chocolate cookie pieces...
£1.00 £1.25
Hostess Ding Dongs
-20 %
Brand: Hostess
Hostess Ding Dong Chocolate Cakes A box of 10 Hostess Ding Dong Cakes all individualy wrapped  ..
£6.00 £7.50
Mrs Freshleys Pink Snowballs Twin Pack
Hot -38 %
Brand: Mrs Freshleys
Mrs Freshleys Pink Snowballs Twin PackMrs Freshley's Pink Snowballs Cakes Twin Pack. Mrs Freshley's huge range of delicious fresh baked goods are sure to delight your taste buds and satisfy even the most fussy sweet tooth!  ..
£1.25 £2.00
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