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American Chewing Gum imported from the USA

BLOW POP MINIS THEATRE BOXSame fun as the original Blow pops, but these adorable minis are bite-size, yes, no stick needing to throw away. What's more, you can have more flavors in one jammed-pack box: watermelon, blue razz, cherry, and sour apple. So enjoy two tote-able treats in one.ingredient..
Brand: Bubblicious
Bubblicious Bubble Gum - Water Melon flavourIngredientsWatermelon Flavour Chewing Gum with SweetenersSugar, Corn Syrup, Gum Base, Sweeteners (Acesulfame Potassium, Aspartame, Glycerol, Sucralose), Acidity Regulators (E355, Citric Acid), Natural and Artificial Flavour, Antioxidant (E321), Cotto..
Original Bazooka Bubble Gum , boxed with about 19 pieces of bubble gum in each boxIngredients Sorbitol, Isomalt, Gum Base, Maltitol, Gum Arabic, Natural & Artificial Flavours, Contains 1% Or Less Of Glycerine, Citric Acid, Soya, Aspartame, Sucralose, Acesulfame K, Malic Acid, Carmine (Colo..
Dubble Bubble retro bubble gum theater boxIngredients Sugar, Dextrose, Corn Syrup, Gum Base, Thickeners (E414, E1400), Glazing Agents (E904, E903), Artificial Flavour, Colours (E102, E133, E129, E127), Corn Starch, Antioxidant (E321).  ..
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