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Imported USA sauces and spreads in the UK

Brand: Hersheys
HERSHEYS SYRUP STRAWBERRYHERSHEY'S Strawberry Syrup. Add a splash of delicious strawberry flavor to milk, ice cream, and just about anything you can imagine! Ingredients:Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Water, Artificial..
Brand: Hersheys
HERSHEYS SYRUP CHOCOLATEHersheys chocolate has been an American favourite since 1907. Now you can enjoy the original taste of Hersheys chocolate in a smooth, rich syrup. A great addition to ice cream, desserts or to flavour milk, why not try it as an ingredient for some dessert recipes.Ingredients: ..
Brand: Durkees
Marshmallow creme is a uniquely American food item. It is a very sweet, spreadable, marshmallow-like confection. One popular brand of marshmallow creme, sold principally in the Northeast, is Marshmallow Fluff, which was invented in 1917 in Somerville, Massachusetts by Archibald Query and sold door-t..
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